Be sure to have SoleMates heel protectors at outdoor weddings!

21 March 2011

Outdoor weddings are lovely, but if the grass is nice and green, that either means it’s been raining or it’s been watered, so it’s bound to be soft (or even soggy). Great for the grass, not so great for your high heeled shoes or your ability to walk gracefully. SoleMates to the rescue! SoleMates are small, clear, plastic heel covers that slip on easily to most stiletto and high heels… saving you from sinking into the grass or getting caught in wood planks or tearing your isle runner and tripping!

These little gems can not only save you from untold mishaps, they also protect the heels of your shoes from getting ruined, and can be easily slipped off the heels later if you don’t need them during the reception.

This testimonial from the SoleMates web site says it all:

I threw a pair of SoleMates in my bag on my way out to a wedding at the last minute and it turned out to be the best call! The wedding was held outside after a really rainy night. With the SoleMates, I was able to walk through the grass with absolutely no problem while everyone else was sinking into the ground and could barely walk. They were perfect and then I just put them back in my bag and went inside for the reception.

– Lauren, Chicago, IL

Engaged Wedding Library in Granite Bay is the only store in the Sacramento area where you can pick up a pair of SoleMates! They are $9.95/pair, with bulk discounts available. Visit the Engaged web site for location and hours.

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